Free eBook – Introduction to Blender

Have you ever wanted to build your own 3D models? The free eBook Introduction to Blender by Mammoth Interactive will teach you 3D modeling through 3 fun low poly projects.

At a glance, here’s the skills you’ll pick up:

  • Learn the very basics of Blender and the advantages of using this powerful, FREE software.
  • Learn more intermediate skills and become confident with using Blender to create 3 awesome projects!
  • Create models you can be proud of as you hone your skills!
  • Finish the book with the confidence and skills to make any model idea into a finished 3D project!

In Introduction to Blender, you will learn how to use Blender to build your first low poly 3D models. We’re going to build 3 game assets while learning Blender’s most useful tools: an Arcade Machine, Pinball Machine and Arcade Room.

Download the eBook here

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